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Ameri Hospice Care Services


Ameri Hospice Benefits

Certified Hospice care at no cost to you

High Flow Oxygen

Transportation assistance

24/7 operations

24/7 pharmacy medication supply

100% customer satisfaction

Professional healthcare specialists

20+ years of combined team hospice experience

4-8 hour supply and medication delivery

About Ameri Hospice

We are a local community Hospice. Ameri Hospice care provides comprehensive care for terminally ill patients. We also offer support for patients’ loved ones. Our individualized, patient-centered services focus on comfort and enhancing the quality of life for our patients. Ameri Hospice care empowers patients and their loved ones.

Our Services

Wound Care

Wound Care

Hospice patients often have fragile skin. Our team provides skilled, gentle care to maintain healthy skin and encourage the healing of wounds.
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Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides

Home health aides provide direct care to patients. They are the staff members that families and patients interact most frequently.
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Dementia Support

The Ameri Hospice team provides relief for families who are caring for patients who have dementia.
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Pain Management

Pain Management

Ameri Hospice physicians and nurses are experts at managing pain and other uncomfortable feelings at the end of life.
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Nursing Services

Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses provide care. Ameri Hospice nurses use a whole person-centered approach as they provide care.
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Continuous Care

Continuous Care

Hospice patients sometimes need round-the-clock care for short periods when symptoms are poorly controlled or under other specific circumstances.
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Hospice Services

at NO COST to you

You or your loved ones do not have to pay anything for Hospice services. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. The Hospice Medicare benefit pays for 100% of the services we provide, as does Medicaid. Most private insurance companies also cover 100% of Hospice care costs.

Most patients rely on the Hospice Medicare benefit to pay for services. No deductibles or copays are needed. We can assist you if you have questions about how to apply for Medicare for your loved one.

1 Medications that are related to the hospice diagnosis are covered 100%. Pain medications, over-the-counter medicine, and other medicines required to keep your loved one comfortable are reimbursed completely.

2 Needed medical equipment and supplies necessary to provide comfort for your loved one are covered.

3 All levels of Hospice care are paid for. Continuous care services are covered when medically necessary.

4 There is also a respite benefit.

5 The Hospice Medicare benefit even provides bereavement services for family members for up to a year after your loved one passes.

Quick Steps to Reach Us

Step 1

Get in touch with our specialists

Step 2

Get a free consultation

Step 3

Arrange the first visit of registered nurse


You have come to the right place. The Ameri Hospice staff can help you obtain the needed services. A physician or other medical staff person usually makes the referral to Hospice. Clients and family members may request referrals from providers. Ameri Hospice intake specialists facilitate referrals. Ameri Hospice care staff will contact you to arrange a time to discuss the hospice program when a referral is made. You will have opportunities to have your many questions answered. If you choose to enroll, we will obtain orders from the selected medical provider. You will have opportunities to help Ameri hospice staff create a care plan. If the client is in a hospital or other facility, Ameri Hospice care can arrange to have medicine and equipment delivered to the client’s residence. We can arrange free transportation home from a hospital if needed. Members of the hospice team will meet with you and your loved one at home. Initial team members that you meet will likely include nursing staff, a social worker, and home health aides. You will also meet with grief, spiritual and other specialists as needed. Ongoing visits from the hospice team will be scheduled. The hospice team members will provide you with a great deal of information about what to expect while your loved one is in Hospice. You will know how to reach us twenty-four hours per day. Don’t worry about retaining everything! You will likely feel an array of emotions and thoughts. Most people feel tired but relieved. Be at peace knowing that you always have access to a qualified team of compassionate experts.

Ameri Hospice services are free. We work with health insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid 2 obtain reimbursement. Ameri hospice staff can help you with the necessary paperwork.

We support any decision that you make. If you choose to resume active treatment rather than comfort care, you will no longer be eligible for Hospice at that time. If you decide to opt for comfort care in the future, Ameri Hospice care will be ready to help you.

Absolutely. You will always be involved in your loved one’s care. A cornerstone belief at Ameri Hospice care is that the family and client are the centers of care. You will always be an essential part of the care team regardless of whether your loved one is in a private home or in a care home setting. Ameri Hospice staff will be here to support you throughout the Hospice experience. We follow up with you for a year after your loved one passes away to help you adjust to the loss and changes you face.

No, we focused on an individualized approach for each person. Each person changes throughout the Hospice experience. Care is adjusted to meet each person’s needs.
In addition, there are different types of Hospice care. Most people receive what is known as routine home care. Routine home care consists of regular services provided by hospice staff. The visits may occur in a person’s home or a care home.
Another type of care is continuous care. Continuous care is a temporary hospice service. Ameri Hospice Nurses or Home Health Aides provide ongoing care up to 24 hours a day for short periods with clients who have challenging times. For example, continuous care services may be provided for a few days until symptoms such as agitation are alleviated.

Martin Cohen

The care and support provided by Ameri Hospice Care Inc were exceptional. Their staff members created a warm and compassionate environment, offering comfort and guidance during a difficult time. I highly recommend their services.

Miriam Benowitz

I cannot speak highly enough of Ameri Hospice Care Inc.’s medical care. They deliver all the medications and supplies to my house.The staff’s unwavering commitment to my mother’s well-being and their holistic approach made her transition peaceful and dignified.

Mike Fisher

It was excellent and the staff was unbelievably attentive and caring during my mom’s. rapid decline. I would highly recommend this hospice to anyone who asks!!

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