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11145 Tampa Ave, Suite 1B, Porter Ranch, CA 91326

About Us

Welcome to Ameri Hospice Care

Ameri Hospice is a fully accredited hospice agency licensed by the state of California Department of Public Health, as well as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service.

We are a local community Hospice. Ameri Hospice provides comprehensive care for terminally ill patients. We also offer support for patients’ loved ones. Our individualized, patient-centered services focus on comfort and enhancing the quality of life for our patients. Ameri Hospice empowers patients and their loved ones. We are a full-service agency led by experienced physicians and nurses. Our professionals have several decades of experience helping people transition through the final stage of life.

We provide services throughout the-Los Angeles county, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Ventura County areas. Ameri Hospice provides services that markedly exceed governmental guidelines and requirements for Hospice care. We continually deliver outstanding care.


Medicare Medi-Cal

Hospice care is fully covered and reimbursed.

HMO Plans

Most HMO Plans will cover Hospice care.

Private Party

Arrangements can be made for those who qualify.

Ameri Hospice Care has an entire team of hospice experts ready to help. An intake specialist will quickly contact you once we receive a referral. Next, we arrange a time for you to meet an experienced member of our team who can answer the many questions you have. If your loved one is in the hospital, we can arrange for free transportation to home. Ameri Hospice provides regular transportation services as well as stretcher transport with oxygen. We provide grief support and medication delivery services.

Our experienced staff develops a comprehensive care plan based upon your loved one’s unique needs. Your loved one and family will have the expertise of many hospice professionals.

Hospice social workers provide education about advance directives and emotional support to patients and loved ones.

Ameri Hospice nurses visit patients frequently. Our experienced hospice nurses work with the medical staff to ensure your loved one is comfortable.

Choose to have your loved one’s current physician or one of Ameri Hospice physicians to provide medical oversight and medication management services.

Ameri Hospice’s outstanding home health aides offer personal care assistance, such as help with bathing.

We are Hospice

We are Hospice, pain management, wound care, and dementia experts. We provide a diverse service, including speech therapy, bereavement, physical therapy, and spiritual care. Routine, respite, and continuous care hospice services are available based upon hospice guidelines. Please call us at 747-277-1711, if you have any questions about our services or. Call us even if you’re not sure if Ameri Hospice is right for you or your loved one. We are your local community hospice. You do not need to journey alone. Ameri Hospice experts are here to help twenty-four hours per day.

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