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Ameri Hospice Simi Valley

Hospice Care in Simi Valley, CA

Caring for a loved one who is ill on your own is difficult. If your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal disease, it is critical that you get expert help and support. You’re probably looking for a fully prepared organization with trained physicians and nurses. If you’re looking specifically for hospice care in Simi , you’ve come to the right place. Do you want to receive hospice care but don’t know how to pay for it?

Our team of skilled healthcare specialists at Ameri Hospice can provide hospice care at no cost to you or your loved ones. We have years of expertise as a local community hospice, providing comprehensive care for terminally ill patients while also assisting their loved ones. Keep to learn more about how you can relieve yourself and your family of the responsibility of caring for your loved one, allowing you to spend quality time with them.

Treatment That Is Unique To You

Quality hospice service implies a unique approach. Not every fatal illness has the same effects on a patient, and not every disease affects all patients in the same way. Of course, hospice therapy will vary depending on the individual getting care, which is why a one-size-fits-all strategy is ineffective when it comes to hospice nursing services.

Instead, we ensure that patients receive personalized care plans that are tailored to their specific needs. We make it a point to be there for you every step of the journey, so you won’t have to make any important decisions right away.


Professional Pain Management

Physicians and nurses at Ameri Hospice are experienced at coping with pain and other unpleasant experiences that sometimes appear at the end of life. Our hospice’s mission is to provide comfort to all of our patients. Ameri’s team knows that patients want to be as comfortable as possible at the end of their lives, but they also want to participate as fully as possible in their daily contacts with family. We all understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance in to get the most out of everyday.

Constant Care for Your Loved One

Hospice care workers try to do all possible to satisfy the patient’s and their families’ preferences. This may entail collaborating with family members to design a comfortable and acceptable living space for their loved one at home. Hospice care can also support families through the most difficult periods of the hospice care process. From helping their loved one prepare for end-of-life to assisting with all of the essential measures to take once their loved one dies away.

Unfortunately, when symptoms are poorly controlled or other circumstances arise, hospice patients may require round-the-clock care for a brief period of time. Depending on the individual’s needs, we supply nurses or home aides. The medical staff assesses patients to see if they require ongoing treatment. They examine client eligibility for long-term care services using national criteria. 

Nursing Services

Ameri Hospice nurses provide care in a holistic, person-centered manner. They assess the client’s reaction to treatment and medication. Ameri hospice nurses understand that family members are the greatest people to know about their loved ones. As a result, when planning and delivering care, they promote family and client input. Nurses collaborate with medical personnel.

When necessary, nurses can give continuous care. They educate team members, clients, and family members on the dying process. Nurses educate the family on how to best care for their loved one. Ameri Hospice nurses are experienced at determining a client’s degree of comfort. They demonstrate to families and employees how to keep their loved ones at ease. They assist families in dealing with behavioral issues such as dementia or bewilderment as they approach the end of life. They educate families on how to respond to changes in client needs, such as nutrition. Ameri Hospice meets with other core members of the hospice team on a regular basis to ensure that each client receives top-notch, tailored care.

A Simi Hospice...

At Ameri Hospice, we take a unique approach to each and every patient. Our team always wants to provide patients with the highest quality care. We understand that there are no two people alike, and their hospice treatment should reflect that. We care to each individual’s requirements. As such our Simi hospice is also unique. 

For years, we’ve offered care that is tailored to the specific needs of our patients. In addition to hospice care, you may be entitled to bereavement services for family members for up to a year after your loved one passes away (particularly if you have  our Hospice Medicare coverage). You can reach us at 747.277.1711 for hospice care for a loved one. Let our experienced team of hospice professionals at Ameri Hospice provide you and your loved ones with compassionate end-of-life care.