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Ameri Hospice Ventura County

Ameri Hospice Ventura County

Does your loved one require hospice care? Are you searching for the absolute best hospice care provider for their specific needs? If you require hospice care in Ventura County, look no further. For many years, we’ve provided comprehensive hospice services in Ventura and the surrounding area. Now, we can put that experience to work for your loved one. Moreover, we can do so at absolutely no cost to you or your loved one.

Comprehensive Hospice Care Services 100% Covered

That may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s true. When you work with us here at Ameri Hospice, 100% of our hospice care services are covered. But, even better, that also includes the prices of any medication that your loved one may need to feel more comfortable (be they over-the-counter, pain medication, or so many other kinds of medicine). 

Additionally, this also includes the cost of medical supplies and transportation from the hospital as well. The key is the Hospice Medicare benefit, which covers many of our patients’ costs. That said, MediCal and private insurance can also foot the bill as well.

Ameri Hospice in Ventura County Care you Can Trust

While we provide comprehensive hospice care services, all of our services are centered around one thing: your loved one. Specifically, we work with them to be as comfortable as possible while having the highest quality of life as well. Moreover, we customize our services for your loved ones, to meet their every specific need. 

For example, if your loved one would benefit from physical and/or speech therapy, one of our expert therapists can work with them to help them to move and communicate better. Between pain management, wound care, dementia support, and more, we can raise your loved one’s quality of life while being right there by their side.

Ready to Help Your Loved One and You

This period in your loved one’s life can present many challenges. That said, our entire team of hospice experts is ready to help. For example, it all starts with you reaching out to our intake specialist. They’ll quickly contact you after we receive a referral. From there, we’ll arrange a time for you to meet a member of our team who can answer all of your questions and take it from there. 

To start the process or to learn more about how it works, you can call us at 747.277.1711.