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Ameri Hospice Beverly Hills

Ameri Hospice Beverly Hills

Have you been looking for the best hospice care Beverly Hills has to offer? Do you have a loved one in need of care from trained professionals? That’s what we can provide at Ameri Hospice Care. Here, we provide certified hospice care at no cost to you 24/7/365 if necessary. 

That end, “care” refers not just to our professional healthcare specialists being on hand to treat your loved one (which we absolutely can do) but also to the medical equipment and supply delivery that we can provide.

Hospice in Beverly Hills: Free to You

When we say that we provide care “at no cost to you,” we mean it. That is not “legalese,” or a phrase meant to obfuscate before surprising you with a hidden fee. No, you or your loved ones will not have to pay a dime for our Hospice services as we accept Medicaid, Medicare, and even private insurance. 

In fact, for so many of our patients, the Hospice Medicare benefit alone pays for 100% of the services that we provide – just as Medicaid does. The truth is, no matter how it happens, you won’t have to pay for our services.

Help for Your Loved Ones

We can provide care in a variety of ways. For example, any and all medications that are seen as being related to your loved one’s hospice diagnosis are covered entirely. By that same token, you will be reimbursed 100% for any OTC medications, pain medications, and any other medicines that could potentially make your loved one more comfortable as well. 

In addition to the medication, any medical equipment and supplies that are needed for your loved one are also covered, too. In fact, bereavement services are even provided, for you and your family members, for up to a year after the passing of your loved one. 

Effective, Proven, Comforting Services

Medications and medical equipment are just some of the ways that we can help. Additionally, our home health aids can provide nursing services, managing the pain of your loved ones while giving the kind of dementia support that helps your loved ones to feel as calm and comforting as possible.

Hospice Care that’s Here to Help

We understand how challenging this time can be. Know that you do not have to go through this period alone. Our professionals are ready to help. For a free consultation, you can reach us at 747.277.1711