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Ameri Hospice Encino

Ameri Hospice in Encino

Do you feel it may be time for your loved one to receive hospice care? Are you looking to get them the best care possible? Here at Ameri Hospice Care, we have helped so many in and around the Encino area to receive the right hospice care. As we’re a full service hospice agency, our team of experienced nurses and physicians is ready to support your loved ones as well as you through this life transition. We provide the kind of hospice Encino deserves, empowering patients alongside their loved ones.

Considerate Care at No Cost to You

At first glance, the costs of hospice care can seem considerable. However: you do not have to pay for our hospice care. To repeat: patients and their loved ones do not have to pay for hospice care. Instead, our services are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. You do not have to pay a cent for our services. A majority of our patients avail themselves of the Medicare Hospice benefit. We’re always glad to sit down with you and help you through the process of applying for Medicare on behalf of your loved one.

The Ways We Help

We offer comprehensive hospice services. All of our services focus on the whole person of your loved one, to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible, experiencing the highest quality of life. For example, our home health aides offer personal care assistance, which means helping with bathing and similar tasks. We also provide wound care services, encouraging the healing of any wounds that your loved ones have while maintaining the health of their skin.

By Your Side

Sometimes, hospice patients require round the clock care. When that’s the case, our continuous care professionals can step in to help. By that same token, we’re experts at pain management as well. That means we can help to manage your loved one’s physical pain, of course, but we can also assist with uncomfortable feelings they may have. Additionally, we aren’t just there to support your loved ones – we support you, too. Bereavement services are available up to a year after the passing of your loved one.

Hospice in Encino You Can Rely On

Beyond hospice care, medications that are related to your loved one’s hospice diagnosis are also covered 100%, as is OTC medication, pain medication, and so many other medicines. For a free consultation, get in touch with our specialists at 747.277.1711