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11145 Tampa Ave, Suite 1B, Porter Ranch, CA 91326

Ameri Hospice San Bernardino

Ameri Hospice San Bernardino County

Is someone you love in need of hospice care in San Bernardino County? Are you looking for the best possible hospice care for your loved one and haven’t found the right fit? We know how challenging this time can be, which is just one more reason that we do everything we can to make it easier on you as well as your loved one. 

Here at Ameri Hospice Care, our team of medical professionals can provide top-quality hospice care at no cost to you or your loved one.

Top Quality Hospice Care Without Cost to You

It’s true: when you work with us, the costs of care are 100% covered. That means it covers the comprehensive care we provide, of course, but you’ll also be covered for any medication that your loved one might need to feel more comfortable. Pain medication, over-the-counter medication, and other forms – even medical equipment and supply is covered. 

How? For the most part, through the Hospice Medicare benefit. Other options include Medical or private insurance. We can even sit down with you to help you apply for the Hospice Medicare benefit. 

Some of the Hospice Care Services We Offer

As we offer comprehensive hospice care, we’re able to tailor our offerings to your loved one’s specific needs. That way, we’re able to help them to best enjoy this stage of their life and time with you. So, this could include dementia support from our trained experts. It could also include speech and physical therapy. That way, your loved ones will be able to communicate and move in the manner that they would like. 

Additionally, our wound care and pain management services can help your loved one’s wounds to heal while keeping them safer moving forward.

The Hospice Care San Bernardino Deserves

Moving forward. That’s what so much of our hospice care is all about. We can help your loved one, to be by their side, during this entire stage of their life. By that same token, we can support you and the rest of your family, too. For example, we offer bereavement services up to a year after the passing of your loved one. We see it as one more way that we can help. 

To start the process, you can message our medical team through our site or you can call us for a free consultation at 747.277.1711