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11145 Tampa Ave, Suite 1B, Porter Ranch, CA 91326

Ameri Hospice Burbank

Ameri Hospice Burbank

Do you believe that the time may be right for a loved one to receive hospice care? Are you looking for the right hospice care in Burbank and the surrounding area? We can help. Here at Ameri Hospice Care, we have several years of experience in taking care of patients in the hospice stage of life. 

Our trained medical staff can provide a wide range of medical services, all centered around helping your loved one to feel as comfortable as possible, all at no cost to you. 


The Hospice Care Burbank Deserves: Free to You

You read the last sentence of the above paragraph correctly. Our hospice care services are entirely covered by either Medicaid, Medical, or private insurance. You will never have to pay for hospice care, nor will you have to pay for medications related to the hospice diagnosis either. In fact, all medications, over-the-counter, pain medication, and others, are all 100% reimbursed. 

Beyond all of this, medical equipment and supply are also covered as well. We can even work with you to show you how to make certain that you won’t have to pay for these services and others. 

Empowering Patients and Families

At its core, our hospice care empowers both your loved ones and you. Everything we do is about making sure that your loved one experiences the highest possible quality of life during these days. That includes wound care services, proper main management, specialty dementia care, and other services. 

Our medical staff knows how to manage challenging symptoms, such as anxiety, pain, difficult breathing, and others so that your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible. We do all of this through a proven, effective, and holistic approach.

A Hospice Care Team

One of the main reasons that people choose hospice care is that we can potentially make it possible for your loved one to stay in a familiar environment during these days. It’s important to note that, no matter the challenges this time may present, you will never feel alone. 

Our quality of care is the best in the region as well as the industry. Moreover, our work is not done even after your loved one passes, as we will continue to support you.

Ready to Help Today

If you believe that your loved one could benefit from personalized care, we are ready to help. For a free consultation with our Ameri  Hospice team, you can reach us at 747.277.1711