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Ameri Hospice Santa Clarita

Ameri Hospice Santa Clarita

Has your loved one reached the stage where hospice care is the right decision for their needs? Have you been researching hospice Santa Clarita care companies and don’t know which one is right for you? Here at Ameri Hospice, we are a local community hospice that provides comprehensive care for terminally ill patients in and around the Santa Clarita area. Moreover, we do this at no cost to our patients or our loved ones. Everything we do is centered around making our patients comfortable and enhancing their quality of life.

No Cost Santa Clarita Hospice Care

That is not a misprint nor an exaggeration. At Ameri Hospice, you will not have to pay for our hospice services. The Medicare Hospice benefit itself pays 100% for many of our patients. In addition to that, hospice services in your situation may be covered by Medical or potentially even HMO plans, private insurance, and so forth. It’s important to note that they won’t just cover the hospice care for your loved one, but they will also cover medications and transportation from the hospital as well.

Medical Professionals

We do everything in our power to ensure that your loved one has the highest quality of life during this stage of their life. So, our services often include managing your loved one’s pain so that they feel their best. Wound care specialists can help to heal the wounds that your loved ones may have, as well as help them to avoid further wounds in the future. 

Dementia support is available, as is physical therapy, speech therapy, and more. Indeed, we take pride in being on your side through this stage and beyond, as we offer bereavement services for a year after your loved one’s passing as well.

Services for Comfort and More

The above are just some of the services that we offer. Our team of experts will come together to create a personalized care plan for your loved one. Additionally, this plan will be continually evaluated and updated as well. That way, your loved one always receives the care that’s right for them.

A Good Day to Start

If you believe that your loved one would best be comforted by hospice care, then today is a great day to reach out to us. You can get in touch with our specialists and request a free consultation by giving us a call at 747.277.1711