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Dementia Support

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Dementia Support Services at Ameri Hospice Care

The Ameri Hospice team provides relief for families who are caring for patients who have dementia. Support depends on the individual’s and family’s needs. Our staff receives specialized training to provide skilled, compassionate care for patients diagnosed with dementia and other cognitive issues.

The Ameri team uses a wide array of interventions when providing care for patients who have dementia. Dementia support services include assistance with personal care. Our caregivers understand that patients who have dementia sometimes have challenging behavioral issues. They received specialized training to understand what dementia is and how best to help your loved one. We know the pressure that caregivers experience when looking out for loved ones who have dementia. We also understand the heartbreak that families feel when a loved one has dementia.

When a loved one suffers from dementia, it can be incredibly hard on them as well as the rest of the family, to say the very least. Here at Ameri Hospice, we offer dementia support services that are focused on your loved one’s comfort, security, and dignity. Our trained professionals know how to manage the symptoms as well as the pain so that

What Separates our Dementia Support Services from the Rest

Dementia, unfortunately, often worsens as a person ages. In time, their ability to communicate can worsen, making it more difficult for them as well as their loved ones. Our hospice workers have been trained how to watch for the cues and what they’re trying to communicate as well as when. While every patient is different, this makes it so that our workers know how to keep a patient comfortable through utilizing many different therapies and treatments. In doing so, our team can work through any challenging behavioral issues and more to maximize your loved one’s comfort and quality of life.


Treating the Whole Person

We understand that your loved one is so much more than their dementia. Thus, we make sure to treat the entire person, to manage their symptoms so that they can stay at your home or assisted living facility. Beyond that, when we treat your loved one, we help them to find meaning in their lives, to identify their sources of strength.

Treatment that Matters

When your loved one is suffering from dementia, they may not be able to adequately communicate what they need. So, our professionals know what to look for. We have experience in determining whether or not they treat pain, or they require hydration, and similar problems. Moreover, we can help them with skincare, nutrition, and other bodily health concerns so as to keep them in their best health.

For the Entire Family

Our dementia support doesn’t just provide service to the patient, we provide service to their loved ones as well. We work with families so as to be able to help them to know the best ways to support their loved one, their loved one’s emotional concerns, and so much more. There’s no easy way to deal with a loved one who has dementia. However, our dementia support services can help in a variety of ways. Contact us to learn more.