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Wound Care

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Hospice Wound Care

Hospice patients often have fragile skin. Our team provides skilled, gentle care to maintain healthy skin and encourage the healing of wounds. Our wound care services are individualized and client-centered. We offer a holistic approach that incorporates dressing changes, proper positioning techniques, nutrition, and hydration protocols. We provide specialized wound care services to treat deep or extensive wounds.

Do you worry about the fragility of your loved one in hospice care? Does it seem like they injure and bruise more easily than they did in the past? As we age, our skin can weaken and become more brittle. That’s just one of the many reasons that we offer our hospice wound care. With this treatment, our experienced professionals will help your loved one to stay healthier for longer, thus improving their quality of life.

What Separates Our Hospice Wound Care Apart

When a patient suffers a wound and/or wounds easily, it can take a terrible toll on their overall condition. Perhaps the main goal of our wound care is to minimize those effects, so that your loved one can feel as good as possible throughout their hospice care. To that end, our wound care is also focused on keeping the skin from breaking down any more than it already has. Should your loved one have already suffered a wound, we can work to prevent further complications, such as infection, odor, and other challenges.

How We Care for Wounds

If your loved one has suffered a wound, our first priority is to make sure they’re as safe as possible. That means cleansing debris from the wound entirely. It also means treating infection should it be infected or doing everything in our power to ensure that the wound does not become infected. Absorbing any excess exudate we counter is an important task as is debridement, removing any tissue that’s been damaged or foreign objects from the wound as well.

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Minimizing Discomfort

We work very hard to minimize your loved one’s discomfort, so that they don’t have to feel uncomfortable or in pain. That said, we also work to minimize the discomfort of the patient’s loved one as well, helping them through this time. To that end, our wound care professionals can provide effective preventative measures, so as to reduce the possibility of further wounds in the future.

Beyond the Caring of Wounds

It’s important to note that our wound care professionals are not always capable of healing wounds, or of making them go away forever. However, what we can do is to help the patient to manage it, to the point where a wound does not negatively impact their current quality of life. If you’d like to see what our hospice wound care can do or want to start the process, message us through our site or call (747) 277-1711